Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You, Me and Everyone We Tweet

Twitter CEO Evan Williams is one of the 179 people I follow on Twitter as I explore the social media landscape that is more and more starting to feel like home.

He noted recently that: 1) Twitter is evolving. 2) The goal is to serve users. 3) There is much left to invent.

For a blogger like me who is seeking to understand where and how to add value in this space, it's exciting to know that it's so dynamic.

What I like most about using Twitter is that there is so much learn. Between frequent and regular Google Alerts, RSS feeds, Twitter searches and e-mails, there is so much - too much - information and interesting content out there not to share. Curiosity is allowed free reign to explore uninhibited. Twitter is the outlet for some of these finds and my blog is the vehicle to expand on those select ideas and links.

So far it's been a fascinating experience not only from a PR perspective to see what's out there and to think about strategies but also to learn how to filter the content using tools like TweetDeck.

One way I've come to enjoy using Twitter is to observe how some of my followers leverage the tool as a way of promoting their passions and interests by trying to create trending topics. Other times I notice how influential tweeters can be in starting the retweeting domino trend simply by sharing solid content that people want to engage with.

Twitter provides a level playing field for anyone who has good content to share. If people find what you say of value, you can gain influence as a thought leader in any field. This democratic notion means that you can find interesting content from some pretty unlikely sources, which if you ask me, makes it all the more fun to interact with.

Food for Thought: Is there a way you've used Twitter that you want to share?


  1. Tweet Deck is very useful from my point of view. I really enjoy it. You create your personal lists and follow people much more easily. If I want to see what my friends tweet about I just take a look at their tweets without losing myself in tweets of other people...

  2. Yes, well said... and I also like how you can track when someone tweets a response or retweets your tweet. It's always nice to uncover a new mention :)